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                                                DECLARATION OF PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION PRIVACY POLICY


1. Introductory


The Company "24 shopen S.A " (here in after referred to as "Company") based Consumer protection is always respected both privately and personally taking all appropriate and effective means and applying the relevant European and national legal data protection framework, as well as the General Personal Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulation") in order to proceeds with the lawful processing of personal data. With this Privacy Statement, we inform you in a clearly, understandable, transparent and easily accessible way, regarding the type of personal data are collected by our Company, the purpose for which they are collected, the processing duration as well as your rights as Data Subjects. The provision of your personal information to us, presupposes the unconditional acceptance of this Privacy Policy and your clearly expressed consent to the collection, use and processing of your personal information.


In case you do not agree with this, please do not provide your personal data.


This policy will be renewed and updated, as amended from time to time current national and EU legislation on the protection of personal data of individuals.


2. Controller

Τhe Company 24 shopen A.E. based in Ind. Area of Markopoulo, Thesis Strogyli, Dorovateza, Markopoulo Mesogaia, Attica, Postal Code: 19003, tel: 2107707415, and email:

is responsible for processing of your personal data.

3. General Principles of Processing


The Company processes your personal data in a legal and transparent manner. Their processing is done for defined, explicit and legal purposes and personal data are never further processed for another purpose.


The Company ensures that collected personal data are the necessary ones required for the respective purposes of the processing. In addition, your personal information is kept in an identifiable format only for the space required for processing purposes as well and to serve lawful purposes. In conclusion, the Company is using appropriate technical measures that guarantees their safety of the collected personal data.


4. Personal data that the Company collects - Purpose and Duration of Collection


The Company may process the personal data of its employees, its customers, its associates as well as its traders in any way. Specifically, can process the following categories of personal data:


Identity data (name), contact data (address, phone email) as well as details of purchases.

These data are collected when filling out a printed or electronic form for publication and use the loyalty card and as a result have privileges and discounts on purchases, as well as participation in lotteries and competitions that the company also carries, according to the terms of card use of the card. The legal basis for the processing of the reported personal data is the lawful execution of the contract and the legal interests of the Company.

The identity data are kept as long as the loyalty card remains active, and the data subject is retained for two years from the relevant market.


Contact details (name, phone, email, reason for contact).

These data are obtained from the Data Subjects on their own initiative for communication with the Company, for instance by completing an electronic form with their respective request for their best service. Similarly, through the use of telephone, email and /or social media. The legal basis of this processing is the consent of Data Subjects in order the Company to understand the needs of consumers and to further improve the quality of its services. These data are kept for six months started as from the first communication.


Details of participation in the competition (name, loyalty card number, details of made purchases, e-mail,

social networking ID).

These data are necessary for the conduct of the respective competition or any other promotional action in accordance with the respective Terms and Conditions of each Competition. The legal basis of the processing is the legal interest of the Company that promotes the products, the consent for the declaration of participation and the relevant communication with the participants. These data are kept for six months after the winners of each competition are announced.


Image data.

These data are received via a closed-circuit television, which are placed on our facilities, stores, warehouses, and our offices. Legal basis of the processing is to safeguard our legitimate interests for the safety of both their Subjects data and facilities so that they are not criminalized in any way offenses. Image data is legally retained for the minimum necessary period of fifteen (15) days.


Identity data and financial data (name, telephone, address, VAT number, Tax Office, profession).

These data are obtained at your request, for the purpose of concluding the contract, for the issue

of the required tax documents. The legal basis of the processing is its execution compliance with tax or other applicable law and for the management and settlement of legal or out-of-court disputes between us. These data are maintained in accordance with the provisions of the respective legislation.


Visitor login data to our website (web ID, IP address).

The Company during your visit / navigation on its website uses cookies and related technologies to facilitate the use of the Website services, as well as for statistical reasons. The legal basis of this processing is our legal interest in optimization of our products and services.


Curriculum vitae.

These data are collected at the request of the Subject of personal data for be included in the staff selection process of the Company. Legal basis of this processing is taken at the request of the prospective employee prior to the conclusion employment contract and the legal interest in managing recruitment requests.

These data kept for 12 months from their submission.


Special categories of personal data (sensitive personal data).

Only in special cases the Company collects and processes data concerning health under current labor law and

social security legislation.


Minority data.

The Company does not knowingly process personal data of minors.


Please note that the duration of data processing may be extended for compliance purposes with a legal obligation under an applicable legal provision, for the performance of a duty carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of the public authority conferred to the Company, for reasons of public interest, for archiving purposes to the public interest, or for  purposes of scientific or historical research, for statistical purposes, by taking appropriate technical and organizational measures and based on the principle of minimizing the data, including pseudonymization and anonymization, in accordance with provided in the current Regulation.


5. Data recipients


The Company does not transmit personal data to third parties. Personal data  may be forwarded to only selected cooperating companies, performing the processing on its behalf and provide sufficient assurances for the implementation of appropriate technical and organizational measures according to  the requirements of the relevant Regulation and for  the protection of the rights of Data subjects. These external partners may be partners in marketing, systems security services, agencies certifications, employees of a cooperating courier company and professional consultants (lawyers / legal advisers, accountants, economists, business analysts, etc.).


6. Your rights


The Company facilitates the exercise of all rights provided for the relevant Regulation, applying a relevant procedure for the Data Subjects satisfaction.


Right to Information

Data Subjects reserve the right to be informed about the data of a personal nature, the Company has received and maintains for one or some specific explicit and legal purpose.


Right of Access

The Data Subjects reserve the right to request from the Company access to their details, which the Company maintains as well as confirmation in relation to its purposes, categories of personal data, recipients or categories recipients, the period of their preservation and processing, the existence of a right complaint to the Personal Data Protection Authority and any available information on the origin of the data and a copy of the personal data which are observed and processed.


Right of Correction

The Data Subjects reserve the right to request correction by the Company their data, in case any of them for which it has the right to process has been changed or incorrectly registered.


Right of Deletion

The Data Subjects reserve the right to request from the Company in full or in part deletion of their data for which the Company has the right to keep and process, because these are no longer necessary to fulfill the purposes for which they were collected, either because the Data Subject revokes its consent, or because the data were collected for an illegal purpose. Our Company, in a reasonable time (not more than one month and provided that there is a difficulty, not more than three months in total) will respond by confirming the total or partial deletion of your data respectively or the impossibility of deleting specific data, for reasons of public interest, or to support a legal claim. In this case, you have on one hand the possibility to complain to the supervisory authority, and on the other hand to file a court appeal.


Right of Restriction

The Data Subjects reserve the right to request from the Company limitation processing of their data, quantitatively, temporally or even in relation to the purpose of processing and more specifically, either because they question the accuracy of their  data and for as long it takes for the Company to confirm their accuracy, or because they consider the edit, but instead of deleting choose a restriction either because the use is no longer necessary from the Company but do not wish to delete them, as their retention will serve a legal claim, either in the event that they have objections on data processing and until it is verified whether the rights prevail

as Subjects against the legal grounds of processing of the Company.


Right to Portability

The Data Subjects reserve the right to request from the Company to receive their personal data in a publicly structured used and readable by machine format as well as the right to transmit without objection, as the data are processed on the basis of consent.


Right of Objection

The Data Subjects reserve the right to request the Company to object the use of the Data being processed, unless the Company demonstrates imperative and legitimate reasons for processing them, which outweigh their interests.or are necessary to establish, exercise or support legal claims.


You can easily contact us using the email address: to exercise your rights.


For the handling of the Data Subjects’ requests, the Company may request the verification of their identity.

We inform you that you can appeal to the competent Data Protection Authority Personal Compensation for any complaints regarding the processing of personal data, at the following contact details: email, telephone 210 6475600, postal address: Kifissias Ave. no. 1-3, T.K. 115 23, Athens.



7. Cookies or other similar technologies.


Our website uses "cookie" technologies, so that we can distinguish you from other visitors, to record your IP address and how you use our website. This information used to help us provide you better services, improving the design of the website and our services. A cookie is a small data file that is placed on a computer's hard drive when you visit a website and they help us improve our website calculating which points are of most interest to users. You have the ability to disable cookies or other similar technologies at any time through the options browser, but if you do, you may not have access to specific features and services that make your experience on our site more efficient and enjoyable.


8. Guarantees.


We assure you that our Company will exhaust all technical and organizational protection measures of  Data and will make the best, minimum and absolutely necessary use and processing of the Data as provided by law and strictly and exclusively for the purpose of which you have provided to us.

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