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The company under the name "TWENTY FOUR SHOPEN SA" has been active in the field of organized retail since 2009, aiming to provide convenience and variety, without compromising quality through its 24-hour stores.

The idea of ​​creating them was based on the reduced time that the consumer has to meet his daily needs. Now, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the customer can find all the basic household items, newspapers and cigarettes to enjoy high quality coffee and freshly baked sweets and sandwiches.

24Shopen is here to serve every need of the modern consumer, at any time. To this day, through an organized and successful course, it has stores throughout Athens, as well as in Volos, Ioannina and Rhodes, thus sealing its popularity to the buying public.


Building an innovative dynamic brand over time, as well as profitable partnerships, are embedded in our business DNA. Our approach and philosophy is the same in every business we create but also with every partner we choose to work with, in the market in which we operate.


Our company's long-term operation guide is the creation of a relationship with the basic characteristic of passion for innovation, reliability and trust, which are the key components that we put in every new venture or collaboration.


  • Advanced human resource management program.

  • Continuous training of employees from the Human Resources department.

  • Team work.

  • Reliability and accuracy.

  • Respect and commitment for good quality and proper customer service.

  • Products always harmonized with the latest developments and the respective circumstances.

  • Top quality with commitment to innovation.


  • Integrity-oriented, smooth collaboration and efficiency services.

  • Number one option for all consumers.

  • Pleasant work environment that favors rewarding.

  • High quality products and affordable prices.

  • Observance of all hygiene rules according to HACCP

  • Market research on product suitability.

  • Healthy economy, good reputation and perfect knowledge of the market.

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